Pottery in Egypt is as old as the Badarian civilization (6000B.C) . From all over Egypt, we collect these very charming vessels in red buff, grey or black clay and bring them to our workshop. There, these different forms challenge our team of artists to add a modern touch to them that is 100% Egyptian.

Every piece is 100% handmade and unique. The Colors we use to make glazes are lead free and fired at high temperatures to ensure impermeability of the products. All products can be used safely in dishwashers and are not affected by acids or alkalines.

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Egyptian heritage with a contemporary spirit achieved by retaining the authenticity and the exquisite details that emphasise oriental culture and combine attractiveness and dignity.

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Relaxation created by visual comfort and the sensation of touch is a philosophy adopted by Bashayer.

Bashayer stands at the threshold of the past and gives it the new spirit through the handmade natural materials and colors that create a feeling of calm and thoughtfulness.

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The luxurious natural leather combined with hand engraved copper pieces exquisitely enhanced with beautiful patterns create a warm companion.

The rustic nature of the product combines simplicity and lightness with natural, authentic and uncomplicated materials cleverly applied so that fantasy and reality coexist.

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